Counting Stars

March 26, 2014

Sweater: Choies

Well as we all know summer is just around the corner... However, its really strange that until now the weather is still very cool (not that I'm complaining), its even weirder today because its raining.

Anyway, since the weather is like this I guess wearing a look with strong and minimal colors will be a great outfit when the day is dull. And I if there's a color you would instantly notice in this kind of weather... It would most definitely be Red! I'm sure its common knowledge now for ladies that they should wear hard make up during rainy season and wear a deep red lipstick. Well I guess it also translates to what clothes you should wear. I greatly suggest deep Red and Blue, for me they're the best colors when it comes to gloomy days. I wouldn't suggest Yellow and White or other light colors for obvious reason (rain drop marks, mud, etc).

Today, I'm wearing a awesome sweater that I got from Choies:

Get this super cool sweater on this link!:

Now I know you've probably seen this sweater a long time ago around the Fashion Blog world (You'll probably say "Oh another fashion blower wearing that sweatshirt" lol!) but what can I do, It's that awesome! I've only seen people wearing it with just basic jeans, shoes and cap. So I spiced it up a bit by wearing boots, glasses and accessories that looks nice together.

Lo's Closet has officially reached another 1000 genuine fans @!!!! Now I've reaced 4000 fans! I just want to take this opportunity again to thank you guys so much for being so awesome!

That's why I titled this look as Counting Stars (No.. not the song! :/) it's because you all are my stars! And without you all, I would have probably stopped doing this a long time ago but you guys kept me going by following me on all my social media platforms and I'm just so happy and thankful to all of you who are still following me and to those new people who fanned me at LB as well.

I also want to thank Choies again for sending me some of your stuff and helping complete my target! I'm really happy and glad that I get to feature some of your clothes! ^_^

Crossing stuff on The List:

10 Sweater = 4 Sweaters

Always have fun!

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Choies-The latest street fashion
Choies-The latest street fashion

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  1. Beautiful outfit :)

  2. Cool necklace bro!! :)



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