Spring Awakening

February 18, 2014

Shirt: Splash

Spring is almost here! Well its still a bit cold here in UAE but you'll know when he dry winter is about to transition to Spring when there are mornings that are very foggy like you were living in Silent Hill (sorry, game geek reference inserted there! lol).

I'm wearing this nice white wind coat I haven't worn in years. It looks super nice but boy its so hard to pair it with something  that would make me look like a doctor who's about to go for a surgery. Lol! I guess the trick is to pair this kind of coat with light colors to make look like a nice outdoor outfit perfect for Spring. I also went all the way and wore a custard yellow chinos to complete the look.

I have his thing where I usually scrunch up the sleeves of a coat or cardigan little enough to show some color especially when I'm wearing a checkered shirt.

How I wish it's be Winter and Spring all year round here in UAE, I'm dreading to experience the extreme heat here during Summer... Oh well, I guess we can't really have it all can we? How's there weather there in our part of the world?

Crossing stuff on The List:

10 Long Sleeves Polo = 4 Long Sleeves Polo

Always have fun!

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