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Bag: Choies
Sweater: H&M
Shoes: Iconic

The weather is getting a bit warmer here in UAE so I suggest to those who lives here or have plans to visit the country, pack a lot of shorts, t-shirts, and tanks (ladies, not too revealing and too short though. Its still a Muslim country).

I'm channeling my inner kid again! When the weather outside is sunny I just cant stop but look as playful as I can be! Well I did promise myself to try and look more mature this year... But what can I do? That bag just wouldn't let me! lol!

The bag I recently got from Choies is so wonderful I cant keep my eyes off it! Isn't it the coolest thing... EVER? What I like about it is that its looks super cartoony and if you look at it from afar it looks thin and seems like you cant fit a lot of things in it, but trust me I've tried to put a lot of things there! Its actually spacious you can fit your I pad, a notebook, a small vanity pack, all the necessary things you need for a day out can actually fit in there (its Hermione's magical purse in Harry Potter where she was able to fit a lot stuff inside.). Its not just cool to look at but its as useful as any bag you see in the market.

Get this super cute bag at this link:

Oh before I forgot, to make this look more playful and kid-like I got this fun sweater in H&M and boat shoes (I missed wearing boat shoes!) from Iconic.

I can almost smell Summer now I guess I have to enjoy Spring while it lasts (which is not very long in this part of the world... huhu).

Crossing some stuff on The List:

7 Shoes = 3 Shoes
10 Sweater = 5 Sweaters
5 Bags = 1 Bag

Always have fun!

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