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December 05, 2013

Shirt: H&M
Blazer: Iconic

December is here!!!! Wohoo! 20 days to go and it's Christmas again! ^_^

Today I'm wearing a blazer that I've been eying for a very long time since it went out and I'm so happy I got it on sale! I was wondering though what shirt would I pair it with and since I like mixing prints, I figured this star print shirt would do the trick! I look like a beautifully gift wrapped boy ready to be given away for Christmas! :D

December opened really well for me! As you've read on my previous post, I just reached 3000 fans at and I was featured on the Nov-Dec Issue of Illustrado Magazine!
LO PASCUAL ( an Abu Dhabi based blogger delivers preppy  flawlessly with bow ties and jacket pieces, setting the Ivy League mood. - Illustrado Magazine page 46

Speaking of Christmas, are you guys still wondering what presents to buy for your friends and loved ones this Holidays but don't have the time and energy to go arm to arm against those crazy-eyed last minute shopping people!? If you like a worry and stress free Christmas shopping experience, you can visit or click these links below and enjoy a Christmas sale up to 50% off!!!

Choies-The latest street fashion

Choies-The latest street fashion

This is indeed a joyful month! :D

Crossing stuff on The List:

10 Overcoats/ Casual Jackets = 7 Overcoats/ Casual Jackets
10 Long Sleeves Polo = 7 Short Sleeves Polo

Always have fun!

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  1. Great look Lo!
    That shirt is awesome :)

    Espelho da Isabel

  2. great outfit
    love Vikee


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