Goodbye Summer! :D

November 18, 2013

Sweater: Pull and Bear

Winter is here!!!! Finally!!!! After the loooooong Summer season here in UAE (lol!), I can now get back in my usual sweaters, cardigans and do some layering! :D

This is look was one of the outdoor shoots I did during my vacation in Manila.

I've been wanting to post this look for a very long time now since before my anniversary but I had to of course release the Monochome series first before this comes out. Eventually, more looks and outfit posts came and it was placed at the end of the queue. :S

But I guess its perfect timing since this is a nice look for winter as it already started in UAE. The temperature suddenly just dropped a few days ago and its now a bit windy and chilly. ^_^

This one has become my one of my favorite sweaters! I got it from Pull and Bear when I was shopping with a friend at work. And when I saw it, I couldn't take my eyes off it! Of course its because the striking neon color combination the drew me in and my recent obsession with the color pink plus of course the sporty trend that is still quite present this season.

One more item to cross of The List:

10 Sweater = 9 Sweaters

Oh btw, I'm sure most of you have seen in the news what's happening in my home country right now. A super typhoon named Haiyan wreaked havoc in central Philippines and a lot of people needs our help...

If you'd like to donate and help our country in this very difficult time but don't know how, you may click this link below:

How to help donate to victims of Typhoon Haiyan

And for my fellow Filipino expats here in Abu Dhabi, you can of course send your donations to our Embassy. For questions, you may call this number: +971 02 639 0006

Our Embassy is open from Sunday to  Thursday starting from 8:00 am to 5:00pm.

 A little help goes a long way.

Always have fun!

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