Year 1 Archive!

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The year had passed and its time to make a new list! But before I make a new one, lets look back on how I did during the past year.

Completed items on The List:
  • 10 Slacks/ Chinos = 13 Slack/Chinos
  • 10 Overcoats/ Casual Jackets = 20 Overcoats/ Casual Jackets
  • 15 Long Sleeves Polo= 16 Long Sleeves Polo
  • 10 Short Sleeves Polo/Polo Shirt = 20 Short Sleeves Polo/Polo Shirt
  • 10 Pants = 10 Pants
  • 5 Shorts = 8 Shorts
  • 15 Shoes = 21 Shoes
  • 10 Sweaters = 20 Sweaters
  • 5 Bags = 5 Bags
  •  5 Suits = 2 Suits
  • 10 T-Shirts = 4 T Shirts
  • 5 Cardigan = 4 Cardigan
  • 5 Tank Tops = 3 Tank Tops
  • 5 Vests = 3 Vests

Unfortunately I was not able to complete The List, but I'm happy that I was able to go beyond the target on some certain items.

Oh and this is not the complete archive yet since there are also a lot of looks that I did before Little Lo was released. So, if you'd like to see the Old School Lo's Closet here are the links and some of my favorite Illustrations of the looks I did before Little Lo was born:


More about my amazing journey and the new list on my next post!

Always have fun!

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