Xing Street Fashion Project: Color Blast

October 26, 2013

Photos by Jaro Necesito check out his website at and

This would be the last out of the three looks I did for Xing Street Fashion Project!

When I was styling this look, I was not really sure how will I work the blue and grey color scheme because I wanted to do a pairing you wont see everyday, but then I thought of adding one more color in the palette that would simply pop up on the entire outfit. So when, I tried that yellow bowtie in the mirror, I got extremely excited! I said "Yup! This will work out!"

I guess pairing a neutral color works well with bright colors. However, do not overdo bright colors! If you're planning to wear something bright, try to stick with the same color in a darker shade with a bit of prints or pair it with something black or white. If you mix bright colors too much, you would look a bit costumey or like a walking color catalog. :/

More pics of this look at the Xing Street Fashion Project and a one-on-one interview about me and Lo's Closet on this link!:
 Always have fun!

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  1. you look awesome as always
    love Vikee


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