Xing Street Fashion Project: Case Closed

October 19, 2013

Photos by Jaro Necesito check out his website at and

Shorts: Zara

This would be my favorite out of the three looks I did for XING Fashion Project!

Its very playful, and it felt like I became 10 years younger! lol

It also feels like I'm wearing a school uniform of a exclusive boarding school for young boys which has four houses and the one I'm in made Purple as its house color which symbolizes Knowledge and Imagination... Uhm... Oh... I'm making a story out of it am I? hahaha, I'm just happy because this would be one of my best school-boy outfits! :D

Anyway, I know its almost Halloween so this the perfect time to dress up like someone from your favorite series, cartoons, anime, etc. 

This look was loosely inspired by one of my favorite anime characters, Conan Edogawa of Case Closed (also popularly known as Detective Conan). 

I just tweaked a couple of elements like the color of the tie and a vest under the blazer, to make it look more like me. ^_^

But, I'm still trying to think who or what costume I'll wear this Holloween... I might or might not do a look for Halloween but in case you guys are wondering... It will be something not so ordinary, but still really cool... hehehe *tease*

Who would you be this Holloween?

More pics of this look at the Xing Street Fashion Project and a one-on-one interview about me and Lo's Closet on this link!:

Oh and yes! One item crossed out on The List!:

5 Shorts = 4 Shorts 

Always have fun!

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