Monochrome: Red

October 04, 2013

Photos by Jayd Ramos:

This look would probably is second favorite out of all five looks!  I originally wanted an all green look, but unfortunately I don't have enough green clothes to complete a one Monochrome look. But since I have become a recent fan of this color (like I said on my previous blog post) I decided to just go with it, and it didn't felt like I didn't had a choice. So I'm glad it worked quite well. :D

I cant figure out though why I have more Red clothes than Green... Maybe its meant to be? When my best friend in the Philippines saw this look (yes, I show people close to me some pictures that haven't been featured in my blog) she said this is look was her favorite out of all the five Monochrome looks. :)

Unfortunately I don't have a look that featured an almost all red look so I'll just show you guys this:

I would probably do a Monochrome look that's Green this year, but I would probably do it middle of the year.

I'm thinking of doing another series before 2013 ends... If you guys have something in mind, please don't hesitate to let me know! This would probably one of the new things you would see in my blog since the Monochrome series did quite well, I guess it would be awesome if I could do another look series. :)

Next post would be a long one! So if you'd like to see the end of this series, and would like to see a year end wrap up and a behind-the-scenes video, be there on my next post! :D

Always have fun!

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  1. hola me encanta tu estilo monocromático, tienes unblog genial, ame las caricaturas con tu estilo
    espero me visites


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