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Finally!!!!! It's official! Lo's Closet turns 1 year TODAY! Whohoo!!!! I cant believe it's already been a year! I'm so happy!

I'm doing a series for my anniversary entitled: Monochrome

I will feature most of the clothes that I have collected during the 1st year of Lo's Closet.

Why Monochrome you might ask? Well in the dictionary it means "The state of being in a single color."

[Medieval Latin monochrma, from feminine of Greek monokhrmos, of one color : mono-, mono- + khrma, color.]

All the looks that would be in this series will be in different shades of one color. This symbolizes the 1st year of my blog and my love of the colors that will be shown in this series!


It was an amazing journey and by the end of this series I will give you guys a very touching year end wrap up! :D

Photo credits to my good friend Jayd Ramos! You guys can visit his FB likepage on this link:

Doesn't this remind you of the very first look that I have ever posted?!:

I remember when I used to take pictures inside my apartment with a white curtain as a background! Oh wow! So many good memories! :D

In addition to my anniversary, I am featured in XING Street Fashion Project! Please see their site to see all the awesome and cute outfits I was wearing during the shoot and a one-on-one interview about me and my blog!

Check it out on this link: 

Photos by Jaro Necesito. Please visit his site and XING Street on the links below! :D

Oh If you want to see more pictures of Monochrome series, you can check out my Facebook like page and by the end of this series I would post a behind-the-scenes video of my anniversary shoot so I hope you guys will look forward to that! ^_^

Always have fun!

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