Monochrome: Black

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Photos by Jayd Ramos:

Wonder if you have seen an all black look that looks as happy as this one! :D

I guess this is a proof that there will be ways to soften up or make this tough color look fun and not so tough.

I look so different now than the me before, which reminds me of my very first Style Lookback:  Time Flies so Fast...

So happy that people are liking my anniversary series! Oh btw, by the end of this series, I will be posting a behind-the-scenes video, so I hope you guys look forward for that. I have two more looks to feature, a bit sad its almost over, but well.... we need to start all over again right?! :D

Been a busy weekend as me along with my good friend Omar of OSAD went to the Splash Fashions AW 2013 fashion show!

More about our awesome experience on my next post But in the meantime, you can see all the amazing runway looks and the before and after photos on Splash Fashion's facebook likepage! -_^ 

Always have fun!

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