La Vie En Rose

August 23, 2013

Blazer: H&M
Shirt: HE by Mango

I've never really thought about wearing the color pink.... Until now!

Pink had become a what I call "That brave color men should wear." I mean its a challenge! How would you make something so feminine into something masculine? So I started out with small things such as buying a shirt, I was so surprised that it somehow look nice on me!! So lately, I've became obsessed with pink, and bought some more pink stuff.
Had I known it would turn out nice as this, I would have done it earlier! But at least I still made it just a month before Lo's Closet's anniversary! :D

Speaking of anniversary, look what I have been up to for my anniversary shoot! I hope you guys are excited because I am! September is coming really fast! Plus I have one more awesome thing that happened to me during my vacation but I have to control myself and keep it a secret until it comes out! hahaha! So many things lined up right? :D

I was stuck at my house btw for almost two days because of bad weather here in the Philippines.!There's this typhoon called "Maring" that hit us and this is what happened:

This happened just outside my house! And that this never happens in my area, until now. Other areas went up until the chest area! I panicked and felt a bit homesick (Can you believe I wanted to go back to AUH while I'm in my home country?!). But I'm glad the storm had passed and the sun is back again (slightly). I hope no one got hurt and everyone is safe...

What's the weather like in your area? I hope its sunny and pleasant! :)

Always have fun!

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  1. Absolutely LOVE your little avatar! So cute! :)

    Newest Nickers

  2. Loove the outfit! So nice :)



  3. amazing ensemble
    love Vikee


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