I call it the "Cloud Atlas Sextet"

August 16, 2013

Shirt: Iconic

Although I’m on a vacation I still prepared looks to share before I left, wouldn’t want to leave my blog unattended right? And I don’t want you guys missing me. Lol

Anyway, vacation has been good so far. I met most of my good old friends and very much excited to go out with them the following weeks. Unfortunately, I’m not able to update much of my fb likepage and instagram since I’m still trying to organize all the stuff that’s been going on (have some errands to do as well, thanks to my mom.. -_-).

Now about the look I just wanted to do something basic, I know I said I wanted to be open with color on my previous post but the classic white shirt never goes out of style for me. It’s clean and looks fresh, you can pretty much match it with anything you have in mind and it goes well with any season. However, no matter how basic it is, you wouldn’t want to look plain with it so try as much as possible to play around with it. 

This look is loosely inspired by the character Robert Frobisher (played by Ben Whishaw) from the movie Cloud Atlas which is now one of my favorite movies of all time. That movie I believe is a great masterpiece and I can’t help but wonder why some people and movie critics don’t like it much. It has a wonderful story, an amazing soundtrack, talented actors and outstanding costumes (the 1930's era was the one I particularly liked obviously) so if you haven't seen it yet... WATCH IT! But you really have to pay attention so you'll be able to understand the whole idea of the story.

Wonder what's that movie you think is a masterpiece? Let me know and write that on the comment box below! :D

Always have fun!

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  1. HAIR & MAKE UP (Cloud Atlas) A++++

  2. i absolutely love this special unique theme of your blog , you post a very great material , i love ur blog ,

    following you with GFC & G+


  3. You look absolutely adorable
    love the ensemble
    love Vikee


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