Easy Day

July 27, 2013

Shirt: HE by Mango
Shorts: Splash

Do you have those days when you're going out and you planned an outfit earlier during the day and when you're about to leave you make last minute changes?

Well... that often happens to me! :D

That's normally how my brain works, I often make plans ahead of time and then becomes absolutely spontaneous at the end so it works for me that way. I often feel adventurous whenever I do that. And whenever I do it with my outfits especially on my normal easy day clothes, I surprise myself sometimes 'coz I always try something new.

I just love how the neutral colors blends well together in this easy day outfit and added a little bit of color with the shoes and the fedora. You might think I'm crazy to wear something long during the extreme summer heat here in UAE but don't let looks deceive you, the fabric used on that shirt is wonderfully thin and is very comfortable, plus it adds more protection from the sun. I bought that shirt at HE by Mango that recently opened here in Abu Dhabi at Al Whada Mall which is now my favorite mall in the city.

July is almost about to end and I am so excited since next month will be my vacation month! Which means I'm going back to the Philippines! SO YAAAAAY!

More about my vacation soon... :)

Always have fun!

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  1. love the overall outfit...Im also such a huge fan of neutral shades....


  2. cool!:)



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