ADWxSplash: Into the Blue

June 14, 2013

Photos credit to Rodel Munar, Street Style Photographer of OnSteet Abu Dhabi

T-Shirt and Gingham Shirt: Splash
Shorts: Bershka
Loafers: Iconic

Whenever its summer, I always try to wear something cool in color as much as possible so it makes me feel more comfortable and fresh. Blue is a very significant color this season since it represents coolness, the ocean, sailing etc.

Aside from colors, make sure that you're wearing the right kind of shoes, you can practically wear any footwear except above the ankle shoes. When you warm your feet, it also makes the whole body warmer so try to wear something that's not to heavy like uggs or military boots. Socks are also important, when you wear loafers look for the socks called "invisible socks"

Now I know it doesn't look so manly, but trust me, your feet will thank you for not giving them blisters! :D

If you'd like the know the inspiration behind this look, you can still read it on the Abu Dhabi Week May 16-22 edition through the link below:
This look is also featured in the Splash Fashions Blog:

Crossing some stuff on The List:

8 T-Shirts = 7 T-Shirts
2 Shorts = 1 Shorts

Always have fun!

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