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Tank and Shorts: H&M
Shirt: Zara

If there's on magazine I can't live without it would be Garage Magazine! I've been inspired by this magazine since I was college and for me it's one of the top Men's fashion magazine in the Philippines.

Whenever I send money to put in my account in the Phil, I always ask my cousin to buy me a copy and send it here in Abu Dhabi once there's someone we know who will visit or come back home from vacation in Manila.

Test shot! :D

This magazine thought me a lot of things such as what trends that are currently in season, how to mix and match and what to wear on a certain occasion. Without this magazine, I would have never become as stylish as I am now so I'm always excited whenever I grab a new issue.

I wish one day I would be able to see myself featured in the magazine. Hey, a boy can wish right? :)

Completing and crossing stuff on The List:

1 Long Sleeves Shirt = Long Sleeves Shirt COMPLETE!
3 Tank Tops = 2 Tank Tops
4 Shorts = 3 Shorts

Always have fun!

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