Its All About Color

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Cardigan and Chinos: H&M
Tank: Splash
Necklace: DIY

I bought that tank last summer but I can't seem to find the perfect clothes to match with it. But I knew it would look good with colors so I guess the wait paid off.

Sometimes its good to put clothes aside when you're not sure what to wear it with and I'm sure you'll eventually find something great with it.

The Ship's wheel necklace is a half DIY, it came form Iconic but the length was too short so I had to find a necklace that I no longer use and it turned out great. I'm more comfortable wearing necklaces this long rather than the standard size because I have a weird feeling that it might dangerously strangle me (Sound a bit paranoid but better be safe than sorry! lol).

I'm really glad that I'm starting to do more outdoor photos rather than my usual on the roof shoots. Photos were taken by my good friend Rodel Munar, OnStreet Abu Dhabi's Street Style Photographer. Hopefully you'll see me more on a real location, cause it safe for me (Yeah! Safety is a big issue for me!) and it makes my looks more interesting and great to look at. Plus I finally found the perfect time to take photos during summer that wont make me look like Jack-o-Lantern so I'm super excited!

Btw! I missed my old Little Lo sketch so in tribute of him I made an art link for my Instagram account! :D

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You might find a couple of changes in my blog such as the music and the link menu. Hope you guys like it! :D

Crossing some stuff on The List:

4 Slacks/Chinos = 3 Slacks/ Chinos
2 Cardigans = 1 Cardigan
4 Tank Tops = 3 Tank Tops

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