Summer Class

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Blazer and Belt: Splash
Pocket Square: Andrew's Ties

 Summer at the Hamptons has always been one of my favorite style, its stylish, classy but still comfortable in the heat.

This look is inspired my one of my favorite TV characters, Nolan Ross from the TV series Revenge! And please don't get me started on Revenge, I am soooooooooooo obsessed with that show!

I so want to meet the guy behind this look and just admire his greatness! He's not afraid to mix up colors and made simple individual pieces look good together! What I love about Nolan Ross' style is that it just doesn't stop with just a blazer, pants and shirt but he add sparkle to his style by adding accessories such us a bowtie and pocket squares!

Speaking of pocket squares, it had became a staple peice of accessory for me like the bowtie. I just recently learned my now favorite type of fold named the Three Stairs Pocket Fold!

Here's how to do it:

1. Place your pocket square on a diamond shape position, make sure that the part with the exposed hems or linings is facing you.

2. Fold the bottom edge until the top to make a triangle.

 3. Fold the front fold leaving about an inch and a half of the triangle.

4. Fold the front fold back up again. Make sure to leave about a centimeter pointing the bottom tip to the top.
5. Do another fold facing down.

6. Make the last fold pointing to the top again leaving another centimeter. Focus on the folds which should look like a staircase with three steps hence where name was taken from.

8. Fold the triangle from the middle to make another triangle. Rotate the triangle, notice that the last fold from the three steps fold should be on the left corner of the triangle.

9. Fold the left point to the right.

10. Fold the right point to the left.

 11. Make some adjustments if necessary and place the pocket square on the breast pocket of you jacket.

Hope you guys like my short tutorial! :)

Crossing stuff on The List:

2 Overcoats/ Casual Jackets = 1 Overcoats/ Casual Jackets

 Always have fun!

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