OSAD Goes to Splash Fashion Leauge Spring Summer 2013

February 24, 2013

The entire OnStreet Abu Dhabi Team was invited by the one of the biggest and most popular fashion brand in the Middle East: Splash Fashions!

Its my very first fashion show experience here in the UAE and it became one of my most unforgettable nights in the history of my suburban life! lol!

I have been a big Splash Fashion fan since EVER! And when I found out that we are going to watch their Spring Summer 2013 Collection my heart just skipped a beat and I was so excited!

Here's some of the most amazing people we've met during the event!

Wish I was as stylish when I was young as they we're!

We just love Andrea Zoia!

Clare interviewing Butz Fuentes

Michael Cinco and his fashion entourage!
These beautiful and gorgeous ladies just blew us away with their strong sense of fashion!

More of the before and after party photos @: Splash Fashion League Sring Summer Before and After Event

Now to the show!!!!

I really love the whole concept and feel of the show! Gives me that feeling that I'm back in high school and I'm about to watch an awesome finals!

Here's my top 5 of my favorite female looks of the night:

This look reminds me so much of that Ascot scene in My Fair Lady

Loving that cute blouse with the heart buttons, any girl would look pretty and adorable on that! :D
The classic black and white never goes old in any season!

I love EVERYTHING about this sporty and very girly- cheerleader look!

This is a perfect combo mix of colors and prints! And that sun visor looks so cool!!!!

My top 5 of favorite Men's looks of the night:

Clean and Classy, always on top of my list!
I am obsessed on this jacket! Will be looking forward on buying this one when the collection goes out on the stores!

Shirt, Suit and the unexpected color on the tie... LOVE!

That yellow shorts is just perfect for summer cant wait to get my hands on it too!

Give me everything in this look and I'd wear it in public like a boss! :D

Splash Fashions CEO Raza Beig inviting on the rumway one of Bollywood's most prominent actor and Splash Fashions brand ambassador, Salman Khan!
Congratulations Splash Fashions for such a wonderful event!

We we're all happy to be able a part of the event and be able to meet very nice and famous people in the whole of Mid East! I've watched a lot of fashion shows back in home country, but I've never experienced talking and meeting a lot of people and we were just so overwhelmed on how these people welcomed us as fashion bloggers during the event! (Which gives me more reason to love UAE a little bit more!)

In behalf of the whole OnStreet Abu Dhabi team, we thank you Splash Fashions!

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Always have fun!

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  1. Looks like such a great event! Everyone looks so stylish. I'm particularly loving that girl's outfit in the first photo and the neon shoes a bit further down.


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  7. wooww it's such an unforgettable moment. awesome pics.
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