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February 04, 2013

Vest, Bowtie and Shirt: Iconic
Shoes: Faux @ Splash

Good news everyone! I have officially become a new team member of OnStreet Abu Dhabi as a contributing writer!

OnStreet Abu Dhabi is a Fashion blog that features ordinary people with extraordinary style in the city of Abu Dhabi! This only shows that Abu Dhabi is not just a city of business but its also a city that breathes and loves Fashion!

Meet the people behind this amazing site! 

Rodel Munar
Creative Director
Mohammad Omar
Art Director

I'm really looking forward to working with these awesome guys who shares the same interests and passion as I do!
And yes! The team gets their own mini version too! Btw, don't you guys think those shirts are so cool? :D

About the look:

Would you believe that I had no idea what stuff to buy last time I shopped for clothes? I have started to realize that I'm getting more and more spontaneous in terms choosing clothes and I having fun doing it! This look is something I have whipped up last minute especially the shoes which I bought the same day of the OSAD shoot. I'm really glad it worked well with the entire look!

Closer look of the stuff on the link here!: OSAD Welcomes Kier!

This month I'll try to experiment some more on my style and mix up some clothes in my closet that will be featured in OSAD!


Crossing some more stuff on The List:

3 Vests = 2 Vests
4 Long Sleeves Polo = 3 Long Sleeves Polo
2 Pairs of Shoes = 1 Pair of Shoes

You can be featured in our site too! Just email us @: onstreetabudhabi@gmail.com

Remember... Always have fun! ^_^

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More style and fashion in the streets of Abu Dhabi: http://www.onstreetabudhabi.com/

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  1. super hot vest!! I love your preppy style! xxx


  2. You look great!
    Beautiful outfit!

    Best wishes,


  3. nice outfit...i love all the blues :).
    Great post. P.S ...those shirts really are rad


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