Closet Mix Up #4: Mad Men?????

February 08, 2013

Well I don't really know enough about the TV series Mad Men, but there's one thing I'm sure I would not miss...

The Fashion! I've seen so much of the clothes on the show on commercials an the net when I search words such as suit, dapper, men's classic style, etc.

I salute all that's behind this amazing TV series for giving me so much inspiration!

Must try and watch an episode, maybe I'll like it... :D

Anyway, about the look I tried to mix some Mad Men elements like the tie and pocket square with my way of style such as changing the colors in much more brighter and a bit more colorful that the robust and solid use of colors on Mad Men.

Well I could use more serious colors, but I think I'll be more me if I's stick with my favorite colors. :)

So, Always have fun!

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  1. nice DB jacket!

  2. Great jacket!

    Good weekend,

  3. I just found your blog! :):) You have great posts Lo!

    Have a great week,


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