You Didn't See This Comming! :))

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Fedora: H&M

Yes!!!!!!!! Since I left my flat and moved out again to live back with my family and I have no studio to shoot my stuff...


It feels great to finally find a place where I can shoot myself in private and without people thinking that I'm crazy! lol!

And finally I'm able to use the camera that I got last Christmas in full  potential!

I'm not a photographer but I I'll do my best!

Its really cold especially this month so I decided to do some layering. 

I remember people telling me that I should do more outdoor shots when I posted Time Flies so Fast...

So excited to read what you guys think! :D

Always have fun!

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P.S. I'm still a bit disorganized as of the moment so I won't be able to give you a peek on my next look, will try to do one on my next post once I figure out some few minor stuff... ^_^

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