Texture and Color

January 11, 2013

Jacket: Lee Cooper
Pants: Spash Fashions

I thought before that I would never be able to pulloff a look with two different textures especially with leather. But I think I did well with this jacket which almost have all my favorite colors in it! It feels good when I'm able to tone down something to my own way of clothing and style specially something that seems edgy.

Closer look on the stuff

To be honest I didn't think this combo would work but when I wore them, I'm glad I tried!

I've recently ripped off my very old pants at work (dont ask how! lol!) so I'm very happy to find something very similar in fit and color (the old one was a little bit darker though...).

Btw, I figured I should just mention the brand of the clothes that I'm wearing rather than just state where I bought it. So, that Lee Cooper jacket I bought was in Iconic.

There's a big sale all over UAE!!!!!!! Well... this country always does in January and mid summer, especially in Dubai!

A bit disappointed on myself though since I just finished doing my shopping days before the big sale! (I know! Crap! :S). Crossing my fingers that our salary will come before the sale ends!

Crossing stuff on the list:

5 Overcoats/ Casual Jackets =  4 Overcoats/ Casual Jackets
4 Pants = 3 Pants

Always have fun!


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  2. i love the texture of that jacket, lovely colors :).

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