Nerd or Geek... What's the Diffrence?!

January 15, 2013

Sweater and Bowtie: H&M Kids
Glasses: H&M
Jeans: Pull and Bear

What's the diffrence?!

Well whatever it is I don't mind being both! :D

This would be one of my favorite look so far! the colors and the style just looks right for my taste. It's something I can get away with and would walk out on the street and not care if I get "the look" form other people.

Closer look on the stuff...

I'm starting to love Pull and Bear pants!!!!! The fit is great and the price is just right! Not to mention the colors and style is just perfect for me! :D

Nothing new happened this week, just busy with work and stuff. At least I have Lo's Closet to relax me! :)

Crossing stuff from The List:

3 Sweaters = 2 Sweaters
3 Pants = 2 Pants

Don't you think little Lo looks happy too??? ^_^

Always have fun!

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Quick peek on next look

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  1. I can't believe every time you post a new look you make an illustration of yourself. Wow thats commitment

  2. I've just found ur blog, and I like it!
    Mind to follow each other?
    I'm still a newbie in this blogging world, so will you give some feedback to me?

  3. You look so adorable! I love the bowtie and the colors that you used :)


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