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Overhauls: Lee Cooper

There was a brief moment 'round Oct - Dec 2012 where overhauls slightly went back in style. So I thought that it may not be in my list but hey why not try that, I think I could pull it off. So when I found that overhauls, I bought it without thinking carefully what clothes would work with it.

Closer look on the stuff...

It may look easy in the eyes but then I found myself trying almost everything and reshooting it with some stuff that I have! I just went a little nuts and frustrated coz nothing was working with it! I always make sure that whenever I do a look, its something I would be able to pull off effortlessly. I don't just post something that I think might work and wait for people to like it, I must like how it looks first on me before it goes out there.

So it just sat there for weeks while I was trying to figure out what I would do with it (I even thought of cutting it to make it look like a shorts) until finally, I tried it with this sweater!

You may think I have no use on that overhauls but to be honest, since its not made of denim its quite comfortable, easy to move around and warm which is perfect since the weather here now in UAE is quite chilly. So you'd see me lying around the house wearing this almost everyday while watching a movie and snacking on some chips! lol! (I suddenly remembered how I loved wearing overhauls when I was a kid and when it was easy to wear it and get away with it!)

I think it looks better on little Lo though... :)

Always have fun!

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