Style Lookback: Time Flies So Fast...

December 19, 2012

I cant believe its been four years since I did this shot with my best friend...

Time really flies so fast! This was 4 years ago and it still feels so new!

Sometimes, I just wanna go back in time and relive the moments I had when I was younger. Well I'm not THAT old, its just that there were a lot of memories and time before in my life that I had so much fun! Now life is more like work, work, work and earn for my future and just moving on forward...

If only I was more privileged so I can stop for at least a year and travel the world, just relax and rest!

I look forward on that day! ^_^

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  1. You look different :D more younger :D lol

    BTW you are my nominiees LIEBSTER AWARD
    check on my blog dear :D

  2. omg this shot is stunning! you look like a model, and love the whole formal attire :)

  3. AWW I see know how you look so different from your actual pictures. well I feel the same away sometimes, wish I could go back in time.


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