No One's Too Big For Christmas!

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Merry Christmas everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Had to do something special so it took me some time to post something! :D

This would be my very first graphic art! Its so amazing that at this time and age that Adobe Photoshop is not the only thing that could make something like this! Would you believe I did this with my iPad? And to be honest I'm not really good with coloring so I really surprised myself when I was able to pull off something like this!

Christmas sweaters are very in this season so I just had to jump in and join the fun! I swarmed the mall like a pool just to find this! When I found this I raised my fist in the sky Japanese Anime like and said "Finally!!! something to wear for Christmas!"

Well even when I'm alone and felling lonely this Christmas, it doesn't mean I shouldn't celebrate it! I downloaded few Christmas movies, and I already started with Arthur Christmas.

I have to say, the concept of the Christmas Elves in the movie is so cool!

Would want to be a Christmas Elf too!!!!! (not that naive though!!! lol!)

What's your Christmas like guys? :)

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5 Sweaters = 4 Sweaters

Always have fun!

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