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Shirt, Cap and Bowtie: Iconic

I don't usually wear caps, but when I found this... I just had to get it!!!!

Read that the Superman movie is gong to be next year! So excited for that!

And its in my birthday month!!!! WOHOOO!!!! Will surely be the first one in line to watch this! Will Henry Cavill do a go job????

I used to be a big fan of Smallville, but when it got a little crazy in the middle season I stopped watching it... But I did watch the last season though! LOL! And I remember watching all the Superman classics when I was a child starring Christopher Reeve (I so love the part 2!!!).

If I had one of Superman's abilities, I would definitely choose his ability to fly! But if I were to choose my own superpowers, I guess I be more like the guy who can manipulate all elements... Like Avatar! :D (geek mode!)

Anyway! don't want to get you guys bored with my random geekyness so here's a closer look on the stuff!

I want to go playful boy kind of style this Christmas month cause it reminds me a lot of my childhood, I'm really attached to those memories because the amount of happiness and fun you had when you were a child is nothing compared to the fun you're having when you're an adult. I really want to try and recreate that feeling so dressing up with fun and bright colors is somewhat close to that. :)

Hey! Its 12.12.12 tommorow!!!! Are you all ready to prove that the Mayan's were wrong???? :D

 Crossing stuff on The List:

9 Long Sleeves Polo = 8 Long Sleeves Polo

Always have fun!

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