Closet Mix Up #2

by - 19:43

Pocket Square: Andrew's Ties

WTP - Where's the party?! :D

Its another Closet Mix Up look, all except for the pocket square are old stuff . You guys might be able to look back on my previous posts the stuff that's in here.

If I was back in Manila, this would be a nice night out look for me. I used to go out a lot with friends back at home during weekends or whenever I feel in the mood to go out and if there's money to spare. I remember I used to plan my outfit days before we go out and completely go on a different look once the night of the party comes!

Unfortunately, I have not gone to any parties yet since I went here... :(

Oh well, at least I've been sober for about 8 months now so I guess its a good thing too! LOL!

The Christmas month is here! I need some good suggestions what to do on Chiristmas when you're alone and have no one to spend it with... :(

Oh well! At least Lo's Closet keeps me busy. :D

Always have fun!

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Next look is one of my favorites so hope you guys come back and check it out! :D

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