Closet Mix Up #1

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So the main idea of this journey is to build up my closet so that I would be able to mix and match new looks and this would be a great product of that! That cardigan is one of my favorite cardigan since I was a teen, its been with me since I was around 17 i think?

To be honest I left that cardigan in the Philippines since unfortunately I was not able to bring it due to my limited luggage allowance. But since my brother went here for vacation I asked him to bring it here and It made me really happy!

I really like this preppy tie- your- sweater look. It just looks classy and quite mature (though I know I wouldn't look so mature due to my baby face... lol!) which I'm really going for this year. I think this kind of style will become sort of my signature look! :D

Speaking of styling I just realized I have two kinds of style going on here since I started my blog, one would be the Classy, Mod, and preppy and the other is like the hippie, boy next door, and geeky! Its good that I get to share both and I really appreciate every single person who comments and hypes my looks over my lookbook! Thank you, thank you everyone!!!! :D

The next look btw would be a Closet Mix Up too! I'm really having fun on this kind of idea so I'm planning to do more in the future. But don't worry! Like I said in my previous post, I bought TONS of stuff for Lo's Closet last week so don't worry! I wont bore you with my old stuff!

Quick peek on the next look!

Oh hey! Christmas is about to come! preparing some fun stuff for Christmas so please do check my blog sometimes! The theme would be like "You get to be a kid on Christmas" so expect some cute stuff to go starting week! -_^

Always have fun!!!!

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