Yellow! My Favorite Color!

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Shirt: Nautica
Sweater, Bracelets and Shoes: Splash Fashions
Bowtie: Andrew's Ties

Yellow had always been one of my favorite colors because of my two favorite Super Sentai (Japanese vesrion Power Rangers), Yellow Four and Yellow Turbo Ranger!

Yes! These two! They're both my favorites super hero of all time!

Whenever I see something yellow I'm immediately attracted to it! Its so fun to look at! Probably one of the reasons why I'm sort of this happy person most of the time. ^_^

Anyway I was almost out of supplies of bow ties to show until I found this specialty shop that sells ties, pocket squares and neckties! Its called Andrew's Ties located in Marina Mall. I fell in love with all their cute bowties!!!! Would definitely go back there soon to buy some more! :D

I'm starting to love Oxford shoes! Specially now that its getting popular the designs are getting more up to date. Like these shoes from Splash! It has this mix of classy shoe work with a little touch of youthful color from those yellow rubber heels. Just nice!

Crossing out stuff from The List:

11 Long Sleeves Polo = 10 Long Sleeves Polo
8 Sweaters = 7 Sweaters
7 Pairs of Shoes = 6 Pairs of Shoes

Have a happy yellow sunny day! :)

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Quick peek on this Weekend's look!

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