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November 15, 2012

Bowtie and Shoes: Iconic
Shirt: Carrefour
Pocket Square:  Andrew's Ties
Cardigan: H&M
Pants: Topman
Blazer: Old Stuff

Why so serious? :D

Well, I'm not that kind of that "Joker" ain't I? lol

I'm more like this one here:

 I don't get why some kids (and some adults!) gets freaked out with this whimsical being! They're playful, magical, and fun! Just like me! ^_^ When I did this look it toatlly reminded me of Clowns probably because of those fun shoes, shirt (yes! that cute shirt I found in Carrefour!) and bowtie.

Anyway lets talk about the fashion. I've always wanted to pull off something dapper like The Suit That Said: Buy Me and finally be able to use that blazer from my old closet. Its actually a suit (from Zara) but I find if more appropriate to pair it with that Topman pants since (as you all know) I'm very much more comfortable in skinny fit rater than the regular fit.

Its my first time to be able to visit in Iconic in Dubai Mall. Well since its the same group as Splash Fashions most of their stuff are the same but think Iconic has more bold choices to offer. I felt a little sad when we left Dubai 'coz it will be a while when we return to shop there but I found out that there's a newly open Iconic branch in Al Whada Mall Extension I got really excited!

I have lots of stuff to cross of now from The List! Yey! My closet is getting in shape! Maybe I should do a mix- match with old stuff next! ^_^

10 Long Sleeves Polo = 9 Long Sleeves Polo
5 Pants = 4 Pants
4 Cardigans = 3 Cardigans
5 Pairs of Shoes = 4 Pairs of Shoes

Smile and be happy!

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Quick peek on the next look!

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