I Just Laugh It Off Now! :))

November 27, 2012

Slacks: Spash Fashions
Sweater: Old Stuff

Remember my story on my very first post: Starting Over

It's only been around 8-9 months when I decided to move out of my country and try out new things in life. And when I remember that time I just feel alive, because I was so excited and scared at the same time. Excited to experience something I have not done before and scared because of what I will miss out since I will be far away from my friends whom I'm missing a lot now btw.

But when I look back on the first day that I found out that I'm going to live here in UAE, I just find it funny how I reacted when my mom told me something that I wasn't expecting and didn't came into my mind at all before I went here. The story goes like this:

Hahahaha! A lot has been going on my mind back then I didn't pay attention on to some little (or big!) details. So I'm here now, my closet almost half empty, starting my life over again! And when I thought "You know, I think this will be a nice story." That's when I decided to do Lo's Closet! ^_^

More of my moving out story soon so be sure to check this blog again soon (if you think its worth your time.. lol!).

Crossing stuff on The List:

6 Slacks/ Chinos = 5 Slacks/ Chinos

Hope you guys enjoy this week!

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Quick peek on my next look!

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