Grease x West Side Story


Sweater: H&M Kids Section
Watch: Swatch
Jacket, Shirt, Pants and Shoes: Old stuff

I had a musical marathon a few weeks ago and I was so inspired with both Grease and West Side Story's style! And I said immediately... HEY! Why not do both in one? :D

What I liked about Grease's style was it was edgy and funky but it doesn't come out too strong, just enough to be a bad ass of the dance floor.

And can you guess what I liked about West Side Story? Well aside for the fact that I was one of my favorite movies... I SO LOVE THE MOVIE'S PLAY WITH COLOR! The styling is superb and you can pretty much get away wearing now what they were wearing back then. I also liked that it had both classy and street style which is probably what I was going for this year. :)

I had that jacket for a year already and as awesome as it way seem, I was not able to use it and... until now! Since I said before, lately I'm becoming more experimental in style and color and when I tried this look I was jumping for joy on how nice it turned out! ^_^

Crossing one stuff on The List: -_-

7 Sweater = 6 Sweater

Have a super awesome weekend! :D

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Quick peek on the next look!

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  1. cool blog! :)

  2. Love the photos, them shoes are niiice


  3. haha very cool mix, i love both these movies.
    i think ive watched grease about 50 times!


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