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October 06, 2012

Bowtie, Cardigan and Short Sleeves Shirt: Splash Fashions
Bag: Zara
Socks: H&M
Pants and Shoes: Old Stuff

I think this would be one of my favorite shoots coz I have two of my favorite hobbies in one picture: Clothes and Books! Had a really good fun doing it! (see the reference on that smile?) :D

If theres a Geek who really pays attention to what he wears, that would probably me. I like books, games, watching and reading games stuff in the net, sketching, writing... But I really like putting clothes on as well. :)

Heres a closer look on the stuff:

That bag is the one I was talking about on my previous post in The Suit that said "Buy Me". That was one of my luckiest shopping experience, bag and suit in a very reasonable price? Who wouldn't fall far that?!!

Oh! heres also the list of the books I'm currently reading:

Clothes (Chic Simple) by Christina Worthington & Jeff Stone
The A to Z of Mo by Paolo Hewitt, Mark Baxter and Martin Freeman (Yes! the actor Martin Freeman!)
The Tools by Phil Stuzz & Barry Michels
The Time Keeper by Mitch Albom (My favorite author!!!!!)

Will do book reviews on these soon! I'm most excited about The Time Keeper of especially! :)

Crossing stuff on The List:

5 Cardigans = 4 Cardigans
9 Short Sleeves/ Polo Shirt = 8 Short Sleeves/ Polo Shirt 
5 Bags = 4 Bags

Its start of the work week again... Oh well... FIGHT!!!

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