Wont be able to sing like him.. EVER!

October 31, 2012

Shirt and Bowtie: Splash Fashions
Suspenders: H&M
Shoes: Shoe Place
Pants: Old Stuff

Were you able to guess who I was talking about?

Why its my second favorite fashion icon Mr. Blaine Aderson! I know, I know! First it was Chuck Bass, now its Blaine Anderson. I'm sure you guys wondering why my fashion icons are all fictional characters by now! You all think I'm crazy huh? But I do have some fashion icons that are real people but more on that soon.

But 'cmon! Isn't his style charming and very fun to look at? When Blaine started to wear clothes after he transferred to William McKinley High I was so strucked on how he looked and I said to myself... "YES! I WANNA LOOK LIKE THAT!" Well, except for the hair, sadly I have unmanageable hair (I so envy those guys with wavy hair!). And aside from his hair, I won't ever, in my entire life sing like him!

I so blame it to my parents why didn't they get me voice lessons, or piano lessons at least! :(

I wonder how fun it must be to be able to wear those clothes? If I every have a chance to go to Glee's set, I would not meet the stars first nor go around the place, but instead... I would sneak in to Blaine Anderson's (or Darren Criss) wardrobe and take all his stuff! Hahahaha, I feel so obsessed!

Anyway, I found those cute shoes at shoe palace, kinda weird but whenever I see those shoes and wear them it reminds me of Dorothy's ruby slippers (Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz). Kinda whimsical right? Makes me wanna say "There's no place like home!"  Its my first time to wear red shoes so please excuse my fascination. :D

Wonder when will every get my own adventure... :)

Crossing our stuff from The List:

7 Short Sleeves Polo/Polo Shirt = 6 Short Sleeves Polo/Polo Shirt
9 Pairs of Shoes =  8 Pairs of Shoes

Its a day of dressing up who ever you want to be! So enjoy! Happy Halloween!

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Quick peek on the look this weekend!

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