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October 04, 2012

Suit: Zara
Bowtie and Shirt: Splash Fashions
Boots: H&M

I bought this suit on my recent shopping escapade.

I sometimes go to my favorite brands websites so that I can plan and make a list and think of ways to wear certain pieces that I liked (budget my money of course), I saw that suit jacket at Zara's website ( in a very reasonable price so I had already set my eyes on it.

Theres one problem here in UAE though when it comes to buying clothes in a certain shop (or maybe its just me cause it happened to me several time already), sometimes there are some stuff that is in one store but not in the other store of the same brand.

So when I went to the mall that was nearest to me (which is in Abu Dhabi Mall) to go to Zara and buy the jacket, I was so disappointed that it wasn't there!!! Then I remembered I saw that suit jacket in the other mall which was in Marina Mall.

But before that I had to stop by to ADB Coop Mall (which was just walking distance form Abu Dhabi Mall) to Splash to but me some bowties.  I was also planning to buy more stuff there but again there wasn't much stuff that I liked there... Though I had the already in my hand nice looking bow ties in my hand, I decided not to buy them 'coz theres also Splash in Marina Mall.

Oh! Also bought these H&M boots before leaving Abu Dhabi Mall. Bought some other stuff too but more on that story later.
When I arrived in Marina Mall (the taxi here is a bit expensive btw..) and went to Zara.. I FOUND THE JACKET!!! And I was even more happy to find that it has matching pants. I bought it right away after trying it out!

But... Unfortunately when I went to Splash in Marina Mall, there wasn't any bow ties at that store... 

So I had to go back all the way to ADB Coop (and yes, ride that expensive cab again! *UGH! The price of not riding a 1Dhs bus to anywhere... Seriously have to get my license very soon.) to finally buy those bowties...

Had a very tiring day, but I'm happy I got the stuff that I wanted.

Crossing suff on The List:

4 Suits = 3 Suits
13 Long Sleeves Shirt = 12 Long Sleeves Shirt
13 Pairs of Shoes = 12 Pairs of Shoes

Cant wait on my next shopping adventure... Next stop... DUBAI!!! :D

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