The Bag Found its Match

October 16, 2012

Fedora and Shoes: H&M
Chinos: Splash
Sweater and Bag: Old Stuff

Starting to love the cool weather now, can wear almost everything I want!

I've been trying hard to find a perfect match for that bag before and now I was able to find it!!! I love the color of this entire outfit! I've had that bag long ago, and I only use it for sleepovers. It was just sitting somewhere in my house when I arrived here so I figured, I should find something nice to match with it.

I was never comfortable in this color before until I had my first Chinos from Topman like the exact color of the one I'm wearing now. Unfortunately, due to over use it was ripped (but now already fixed)... in the inside seam of the crotch! Worse was it was ripped the day I was supposed to go out, so I had to get back home again and change fast!

But when I found those pants, I was so happy!! Its not the same fit, but its exactly the same color, and the price difference has really big gap!!!

I'm happy that Chinos got back into fashion, its so comfy and you can really play colors with it. Planning to buy more light colors like mustard yellow and grey.

Crossing out stuff form The List:
8 Slacks/ Chinos = 7 Slacks/ Chinos
11 Pairs of Shoes = 10 Pairs of Shoes

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