Style Lookback: The Shot that Made Me Smile

October 19, 2012

Just want to share this. :)

I was looking around my laptop this morning and I saw this picture. This shot is one of the most memorable shot I ever did, 'coz this would be the first time I ever smiled in a photo.

Shot was taken in Taft, Manila in a helipad of a condo where I used to live before. I wasn't really afraid of heights so I was perfectly cool doing this shot. I remember, how excited I was I thought I should try something new and hence, I discovered my signature smile!

When I saw the raw shot of this picture, I was even surprised myself that I could look this happy! So, I've decided to look this happy in every single photo I take every since. I mean whats the point of a stoic face or weak smile when you'd want to remember a precious memory right?

Concept and style by me and was photographed by my good friend Jayd Ramos. Take a look at his very nice and cool website:

Have a great and happy day! :)

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