Kids Section is a Gold Mine!!!

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Polo Shirt: Express
Sweater: H&M Kids Section
Socks: H&M
Pants and Shoes: Old Stuff

Would you believe that with this kind of personality I would be afraid of color? Well... I used to be!

I just recently found myself more drawn to color! I love colors to be honest but I used to only love seeing it worn by someone else, I wasn't that brave enough before. Normally I would get safe colors (for me) which are strictly black, white, grey and blue.... That's it!

But you know, its my "me year" so I have to try something new!

And speaking of something new, one time I was going around H&M and I wasn't really finding anything interesting... Until one thought came up to me, I saw this colorful section just beside the Men's section and it felt like a scene in a movie where there's light coming out on a path with choir music that sounds like "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh"

And since I lost a significant amount of weight, the biggest size (which is ages 14+, would probably pass as Small or Medium size) fits perfectly on me! And not just the shirts! Even the pants!!! By that time I didn't care what would the shop attendants think of me! Its color baby! I'm getting this one!

Crossing stuff on the List:

8 Sweaters - 7 Sweaters
8 Shorts Sleeves Polo/ Polo Shirt - 7 Shorts Sleeves Polo/ Polo Shirt

More on my other Kid's section find on my future posts! ;)

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A quick peek on the look this weekend! :D

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