Grey Doesn't Have to be Grey!

by - 10:42

Vest: Splash Fashions
Pants: H&M Kids Section
Shirt & Shoes: Old stuff

That shirt would probably one of my favorites from my old stuff, I really had to carry it with me no matter what. I goes great with everything and of course its white.

I love the color grey! For me its not a dull color, instead its clean, polished and you can try to have fun with it if you try to play with it with a little bit of color, not to much though, you don't want a lot that's going on in your look right?

Well speaking of being grey, its starting to a bit lonely out here... But, I try to keep myself busy and and have fun on my own as much as possible and hang out with my family when I have the time (or do some stuff for Lo's Closet).

Oh well, I'm sure some days will get better. :)

Crossing out stuff from The List:

4 Vests = 3 Vests
7 Pants = 6 Pants

Enjoy the rest of the week!

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