Coffee, Tea... or Chocolates? ;D

October 11, 2012

Scarf and Suit: Old Stuff
Shoes: Shoe Place

I had always wanted to be in a white suit! I imagine myself having tea with fancy people talking about fancy stuff, or be in a windy grassfield looking classy reading a book.

Sorry about the empty cup, I didn't put anything in, was afraid that if I put coffee in it might accidentally slip in my hand and stain my suit, knowing little clumsy me. Besides I think it has a little meaning, I mean with starting over and all! You know? Empty cup???

I only have one new stuff in this look and boy you won't believe the price of those shoes.. Its just Dhs20.00!!!! Would you believe it?! I Wouldn't think its even possible! I went shoe shopping with my aunt a few weeks ago and asked her if she could take me to a decent shoe store with decent prices 'coz I'd like to buy walking shoes that won't hurt my feet and won't feel guilty using in long walks. So I found this! (Others I will show if my future posts)

Shoe Palace is located very near Madinat Zayed Shopping Centre or Most popularly known as the Gold Souk.

This look btw, was inspired by one of my favorite TV fashion icons... Chuck Bass!

Yes Him! I believe Chuck Bass revolutionized men's fashion since 2007!

They made him look so perfect that every guy wanted to dress and look like him, and there you go! Now most men are very much concerned about style and they're not afraid to go out in public wearing those dapper and classy clothes! I'm just learning it myself too! :)

Its sad that GG is about to end (well I kinda stopped watching after Jenny got crazy and everything went too crazy, but went back watching briefly when Blair got engaged to a Prince then stop again after Blair kinda had a thing with Dan, don't you think it was a little crazy too???)

Who wouldn't want to look like that?!?!... Right?!?!

And for the concept of the shots, well not much exactly like it but I really like that Ascot scene form My Fair Lady (which is also one of my favorite movies of all time, plus coz I just love Audrey Hepburn!). I specially like that Small Talk scene, where they drink tea and Eliza Doolittle show off her recently learned skills and ended up talking nonsense which was really really funny!

Don't you just love Audrey Hepburn and how fabulous she was when she appeared in this scene? I have a feeling I was born in a different time! If I have a time machine I would definitely go back to the 50's-60's and live there!

Crossing out one stuff on The List:

12 Pairs of Shoes = 11 Pairs of Shoes

A little peek on the look on my next post:

Enjoy the weekend Everyone!!!

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  1. sweet! i've also always wanted to be in a white suit myself.

  2. A real royal highness :D

    Simply amazing look

    PS. I'm following your blog now. Thanks again blog buddy :)


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