Bow or Tie? Or both Ties?! :))

October 18, 2012

Double Breasted Jacket: Zara
Bow, Tie, and Shirt: Splash Fashions

When I first saw that Jacket, I already told myself that I need to get that! This would be my very first Double Breasted Coat! But when I saw the price I told myself that it was too much for my budget. So I waited and waited til it was on sale. It got a little low but it was still too much for me so I gave up.

But a few days after...

Can you believe it?!?!? 380dhs LESS?!?!?!?

I didn't think twice! I HAD TO GET IT! Its not everyday that we get this kind of bargain!

I styled this look with both a tie and a bowtie, cant decide which one I should go with so I posted it with both. Which one do you think is better?

Crossing out out stuff from The List:
10 Overcoats/ Casual Jackets = 9 Overcoats/ Casual Jackets
12 Long Sleeves Polo = 11 Long Sleeves Polo

Might have a busy weekend... What would your weekend be like? :)


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  1. COngrats for getting it way lesser than its original price. Living proof that 'Patience is a virtue' :D

    I'm more on with the bow as it is playful than the tie.


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