Blue in Black

October 25, 2012

Short Sleeves Polo and Vest: Splash
Pants and Socks: H&M Kids Section
Coat, bowtie and Shoes: Old Stuff

I had that coat for a year already and I have only used it during the rainy season in my country. But my home country doesn't have winter I rarely use it 'coz I get a lot of head turns and stares form people who's probably thinking "What the heck is this person thinking? Where does he think he is, London?!" But now since winter (no snow though... crap!)  is coming in the country where I'm currently in, I can finally use it! :D

Oh hey see those pants? It fits me perfectly! It was supposed to be for ages 14+ in the kids section, but when I tried it, I couldn't even believe it myself! That only means one thing... I lost some weight!!! Which I did proved to be true, I used to be around 80kg but now I'm 73kg! I'm keeping it healthy here despite how good my grandma's cooking is, I have to control myself or else... :D

Don't you find it boring sometimes when you pair black with just black? People tend to think safe and think that the only color that will go great with black would be either white or black itself. But, that coat has really nice details so I had to give it some color and there you go! :D

Oh! And Eid Mubarak to all our Muslim friends! I have a very loooong weekend (4 days!!! YES!!!) wonder what to do? :S

Crossing stuff from The List:

7 Short Sleeves Polo = 6 Short Sleeves Polo
8 Pants = 7 Pants
5 Vest = 4 Vest

Enjoy the weekend!

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  1. blue in black!
    looks great your outfit!
    kisses! I follow you now :)


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