The suit that said "Buy me!"

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Suit: Zara
Watch: Calvin Klien
Shirt and Tie: old stuff

I so regret not being able to take a photo of the price tag cause I got this one on sale!

When I saw this suit, I immediately said I have to have that! (Imagine my fascination when I saw the price tag) so it was a "TAKE ALL MY MONEY" moment! hahaha!

The reason why I'm so surprised about it is because in the the Philippines the price of a Zara suit that's on sale would go around more than P6000.00 which sadly includes tax(roughly around Dhs 600.00) sometimes even more, the prices would only go down around 20%.

But I got this suit for more than half the price and only cost me Dhs 400.00 (roughly around P4000+)!

This is why I love sales here in UAE, cause when they say its sale... EVERYTHING IS ON SALE! And they stay true to the promise (for example) that some selected items may go as low as 25%!

Whoever is here in UAE(or planning to visit), I suggest that you guys wait for the end of season sale, year end sale, or go to outlet malls, etc. It doesn't help to be impulsive here cause trust me... When you see the prices go low, you will regret buying an item in full price!

My advice is to always ask the people working on the store when would be the next sale is and how long it would be so you can plan ahead on the stuff you'd want to buy (and go standby on those item/s that you'd want to buy that you know that will go away very fast once the prices go low, I have a story on that soon!). That advice also goes with other stuff items as well, like furnitures for example! And note that some shops here extends their sale sometimes up to 1 month!

Sales really help a lot in terms of rebuilding your wardrobe (such as mine) but you're in a really thight budget.

Oh! Here's a closer look of the watch (sorry, I was not able to take a clear photo, I used my phone for this one)

Now crossing out one:

5 Suits - 4 suits (but if future sales allow me to I might increase the number to 10 suits! hihi)

Have a nice weekend!

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