Subtle Nautical

September 29, 2012

Slacks and Scarf: Splash Fashions
Shoes: Tommy Hilfiger
Belt: Old Stuff

I have never tried to pull of a look with a scarf, but when I saw this one I just had to do something about it! :D

To add to that, I haven't even tried to do a Nautical look! I have this dream about being in a yacht sailing with good friends while drinking expensive champagne, or did I watch a scene like that and imagined being there?... oh! yeah I did! I remember watching Revenge! :D

And these shoes, OMGH these kind of shoes kills my feet especially during long walks! I have a theory that the more it looks nice, the more it will hurt! It should be comfortable right? This must be the price of trying to look your best.

So in order to avoid blistering I look for those socks for women that they use for flats that doesn't show when you're wearing them, thing is it still doesn't work.

But as long as it looks good I'm not having second thoughts about wearing it.

Anyway since summer is almost over, I just had to do this look!

Crossing stuff on the list!:

14 Long Sleves Polo = 13 Long Sleves Polo
10 Slacks/Chinos = 9 Slacks/Chinos
14 Pairs of Shoes = 13 Pairs of Shoes

Have a great sunny day! Enjoy the last days of summer! :)

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