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September 21, 2012

Long Sleeves Polo: Nautica
Sweater: H&M
Leather Bracelet: H&M
Pants, Socks and Shoes: old stuff

Why does it have to be? Right?

I mean I've seen a lot of fashion campaigns, magazine spreads,  advertisements that are mostly... stoic (ooh such strong word! lol)

Anyway who cares about my opinion your clothes normally is a representation of your personality, and everyone has their own way of expressing that freedom. As for me, I try as much as possible to have fun with it. 

Oh! I just recently found back my love for accessories! I used wear a lot of stuff way back in high school (I don't wanna go back there though, the high school me before is what I would call weird now.. :P). I found this leather lace bracelet in H&M during my recent panic buying experience.
Accessories are great way to add more color to your outfit and make it less plain, just don't over do it or you will look like a human Christmas tree.
Oh, if you noticed I have also mixed some of my old stuff with the new ones, so expect me to do that in the future (I'm not that rich! And besides, I like some of my old stuff!)

Now lets start crossing out some stuff on the list! :D

10 Sweaters = 9 Sweaters
15 Long Sleeve Polo = 14 Long Sleeve Polo

Wow, 2 down... lots of stuff to go!

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