Book Review: One Day

September 30, 2012

I've always love reading novels! If were to choose between watching TV or read a novel I will definitely choose reading.

There's only one problem... I'm a slow reader.

No! I don't literally mean that I read slow, and no I'm not lazy to read, its just that when the story is really good I often get too attached to it that I don't want it to end, so I try to read a good book from time to time just so I can spend more time reading it and submerging myself deeply in the story. (yeah yeah think whatever you want to think, its the way i prefer it)

I have recently finished One Day by David Nicholls and I was blown away...

I'm a person who's not really particular whether I should read the book first, then watch the movie later. So yes, I found out about the book after I watched the movie starring my favorite movie star, Anne Hathaway and English actor Jim Sturgess.

Now I know some people may not have liked the movie and it didn't get some favorable reviews on Rotten Tomatoes, but I liked it so much that when I found out it was an amazing novel, I tried my best to look for the book(trust me it was like a scavenger hunt! It was so hard to find the book in my home country that when I finally found it, it was like a Gollum like scene from Lord of the Rings). The movie left me some questions of what happened to the years that the movie skipped so I just have to know.

Some people feel that the book is really good for those people who are experiencing being "freind-zoned", or friend to lover, or a book of waiting for your one true love. 

For me this is a book good for one of the most popular heart-breaking question in the world: What might have been?

It’s a story about Emma and Dexter on how they live their lives from the day they’ve met during their graduation on the 15th of July (St. Swithin's Day) to the next years of the same date.

I had a love hate relationship with this book! There were some parts that I just wanted to poke both characters because of how annoying they were behaving or hug them in times when life hits them really bad. The way Nicholls wrote Emma and Dexter are so true to life as they grew up changing much about themselves but pretty much the same as they were, its like growing up with friends you’ve been with for a very long time.

It doesn’t have those overly dramatic plots or complicated twists, its just a plain straight- forward story telling about life particularly about making mistakes, being stupid, confused, lost and then finding your way back to the right path leading you to a second chance.

And chances, oh boy this is a book will teach you why you should cherish chances more than anything else.

I strongly suggest this book to those poor souls who should not look too far away because the answer is just right in front of you, all you need to do is to have courage, before its too late…

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  1. haha reading from time to time is a great idea to 'save' a good story. I'm a slow reader as well, yet it is because I'm easily bored, I can't focus on doing one single thing in a long duration of time, and tend to get bored after a number of pages (depends on how interesting the book is haha)

    1. Trust me its not an excuse! lol!

      But yeah, I more of a casual reader so I don't mind not finishing a certain book fast or I won't be able to understand it that much. ;D

      Hey thanks Christian for the comment! Appreciate it!

      Hope you don't mind if you help me out a little and follow me back! :)

      Looking forward on reading your future posts!


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