Starting Over

September 15, 2012

Sometimes life takes you to some decisions you just have to take.

That’s what I first thought when I decided to move out of my country. Nothing new is happening; everything is but a shell of comfort. I realized I have not really challenged my self to do something different and take a leap of faith and do something to change my life.

Did it ever occur to you when you feel there’s something you just have to do and you feel it with so much conviction that you just had to take it? That you didn’t care a single bit if that decision was so reckless, you would have to sacrifice not being with people you are happy with just so you can follow what your gut is telling you?

Well… Obviously… That happened to me.

And the first hit strikes when that 30kgs of my life was packed in a medium sized cargo box and a luggage bag.

Can you imagine yourself having to move in a foreign country, with only one 30kgs allotted for your luggage to pack your entire life? What will you do?

What books should I take? What documents should I bring? And finally… What clothes will I bring?!?

When I arrived my destination, it took days when I realized I was stuck with only these:

And when it hit me… I sort of panicked! 20+ years of my life summarized in four shelves! 

Don’t you find it weird that I’m taking a shift from Existentialism to pure Materialism? Well… that’s not really the point! Really! I have a point here!

Point is: Starting over

Yes! I have figuratively emptied my closet to put in new stuff that would somehow help me with my new life. Yes, that’s my point! Does it make sense? I don’t know, but I’m trying! I really have nothing to say but that. :D

This is not really just about stuff I just want to put in my wardrobe, but something sort of a journey to whatever things I’m about to encounter in this new beginning and stock it up my own life closet.

And with a little courage, I am willing to share this journey to whom will ever find this blog interesting. And trust me, I have lots of stuff share not just clothes so I’ll try not to be boring… I hope.

So, in my own phase of starting over I will remember this date as I will try my best to fill up my closet(and-other-life-changing-stuff) in a year!

To give an idea, here’s one look I’d like to share.

Coat: Splash
Pants: H&M
Bow Tie: old piece
Shoes and Long Sleeves: Zara
Watch: Philip Stien

To starting over! J

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